Is it a Good Idea to Party with Prostitutes Before the Biggest Moment in Your Career?

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Members of Mexico’s national football squad held a farewell party with around 30 prostitutes before the team traveled to Europe ahead of the World Cup, reports said Tuesday.

According to the TVNotas gossip magazine, nine members of Mexico’s World Cup squad partied with dozens of escorts at a private compound in Mexico City last Saturday following the team’s 1-0 win over Scotland at the Aztec Stadium.

The magazine published grainy images of players arriving at the party under the headline “The true farewell of the Tri!”.

However, Mexican officials said the players involved will not be sanctioned because they attended the party in their free time.

Guillermo Cantu, general secretary of the Mexican Football Federation, said the players would not be punished because “they have not missed training.”

“A free day is a free day and those are the risks that one runs with freedom,” Cantu was quoted as saying.

Among the players in attendance were goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and Benfica striker Raul Jimenez.

Los Angeles Galaxy brothers Jonathan and Giovani dos Santos also attended, along with defender Carlos Salcedo and midfielder Marco Fabian, who both play for Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany.

The Mexico team is already in Copenhagen, where they are preparing for a friendly against Denmark on Saturday before heading on to Russia.

The controversy echoes similar scandals which have swirled around the team in recent years.

In September 2010, Mexico players partied with women after a game in Monterrey. On that occasion, all participants were fined while defender Efrain Juarez and forward Carlos Vela were suspended from the selection for six months.

In June 2011, shortly before a trip to Argentina to participate in the Copa America, Mexican players hired sex workers in a hotel in Quito, Ecuador. They were fined and suspended from the national team for half a year.

First off, nobody is really sure what actually happened yet. It looks like Mexican tabloids might have twisted this story a bit and there are reports saying the women weren’t actually prostitutes. However,  based on Hector Herrera missing practice and some of the past behavior from some of the El Tri lads… things aren’t looking great.

Look, i’ve never been in a position where an entire country is depending on me to perform at the highest level so I’m not judging. I have no idea what it’s like to even have maybe more than two people depending on me at one time. Sometimes when I’m super stressed I resort to some simple vices. Smoke a little weed, maybe have a few beers. Normal people shit.

Imagining myself overwhelmed with anxiety and surrounded by thirty prostitutes honestly sounds like my worst nightmare. Very few people on this Earth can have that type of blowout and go straight into a high pressure environment. This is some next level degenerate shit. Almost Maradona all coked out warming up before games type of debauchery.


I was high on Mexico heading into the World Cup, even after they were placed in the group of death. I’m not sure if i’m betting on any team chilling with prostis before the biggest moment in their careers though.  Regardless, the World Cup hasn’t even started yet and we’ve got Messi death threats, Peru showing out, and now this. Are we not entertained?

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